about us

Season Bucket is the first venture of 4d bucket.
We at 4d bucket aim at grabbing opportunities present in current marketplace. A team of 4 dedicated engineers,
we stand unite and strong. Each of us standing resolutely behind each other and back up each decision we take.

Season Bucket came out as an idea during a discussion of the sesonal market rush and the problems associated with it between two of our co founders. The idea later shaped up quickly by the combined efforts of the team, and we were ready with the website in just 8 days. After proper testing and finalizing we are ready to take orders in just 13 days from the origin of idea.

The site is open for customers from 29th October 2K15,which also happens to be our Co-founder’s Birthday.
We bring to you the best of decorative lights, wide variety of candles, range of rangolis and much more.
Special offers and coupons are given to customers that are supported by various Franchisees like Domino’s,
Pizza World etc.

We thank our Mentor, Mr. Prateek Sharma, Co-Founder, APPS VALLEY and Sr. Developer, DATA64 for his unconditional support and motivation.


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